Tweedle dum and Tweedle Dee.

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.


Sixteen pages of easy to follow instructions that help you create the model shown on this cover by following step by step instructions supported by still photos at each stage.


Product Description

Double thumb pot models.

The animals and figures contained in our website were developed over the years and have been used to expand an important branch of clay modelling to students namely thumb pot modelling.

The figures are built up from simple shapes to which the students can relate, the body shape made using thumb pot techniques.

Each project has an element of decision making and measurement built into the worksheet with self-expression encouraged in the decoration and design details applied to each model which becomes an individual creation.

Double thumb pot creation is studied in these projects.

We look into representing large and small animal figures and a rounded human shape in Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee and we also explore modelling human heads.

Some of the figures are based on a round hollow profile and some have an oval shape as a body.

This branch of clay modelling lends itself to all kinds of innovations and our suggestions represent a few for you to expand on and develop, we teach you the basic techniques, the rest is up to you and your imagination.

Enjoy your clay modelling.




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