Create the model shown on this cover by following step by step, easy to understand instructions supported by still photos at each stage.


Product Description

Hand Modelling.

3D art, pottery, ceramics, clay models,

Six pages of easy to understand Instructions.

All our pottery figures were developed over the years and have been used to introduce basic clay modelling skills to school children of all ages. The figures are built up from simple shapes to which the students can relate.

Each one of our projects is demonstrated step by step as you work through the text, this is the technique we developed and found most effective over the years, and the objective of each step of the project is shown in the still photos. The step by step approach allows teachers to control the pace of the exercise, helping slower pupils at each stage and handing out the next piece of clay when all the pupils are ready.

The most important sheet in each project is the ‘Worksheet’ which contains the weight of clay and the templates required to ensure the correct proportions of the models.

Each project has an element of decision making and measurement built into the worksheet with self-expression  encouraged in the decoration and design details applied to each model which becomes an individual creation.

Enjoy your clay modelling. Brian.




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