Conical Angel.

Conical Angel.


Create the model shown on this cover by following step by step, easy to understand instructions supported by still photos at each stage.


Product Description

Slab pot models.
Sixteen pages of detailed step by step instructions supported by still photos of the required outcome of each stage.
This project helps support art, history and materials topics.
Our previous projects have concentrated on hand formed models ranging from simple one piece animals such as a hedgehog to elephants using thumb pot techniques.
In this series of projects we are including the use of rolling pins to create large flat areas of clay.

From the flat clay we cut pieces and shapes and stick these together forming three dimensional structures and figures.
This area of pottery building is classed as slabbing or slab pot building. It enables us to extend our range of models into containers and houses.
Useful for teachers and teaching assistants.

Slab pot techniques enable us to produce cone shaped figures.

Tutorial style, step by step guide to learning basic techniques.

Tools and equipment guidance is included and the worksheets contain complete details of the clay and templates needed to produce the model.

All the information needed to produce a two to three hour lesson.

Enjoy your clay modelling. Brian.



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