Coil pot container.

Coil Pot Container. Pencil holder.


Nine pages of easy to follow instructions that help you create the model shown on this cover by following step by step instructions supported by still photos at each stage.


Product Description

Coil pots.

Year 7-11.

Coil pot techniques are normally used to create larger ceramic containers – Ali Baba’s jars were probably of coil pot construction. Size is only limited by the length of the potter’s arms, the thickness of the pot wall and the size of the kiln at his disposal.

As an exercise in making smaller pots the technique is very versatile and can be used in conjunction with thumb pots and slab pots.

Comparing the technique with thumb pots you can make larger, hollow figures or vessels by building them up one coil at a time and the rolling technique developed for making coils is also handy in starting to model parts of figures such as arms and legs.


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