Round pig.

Video Tutorial 3.


Module 3.

MC. More Complex Level pottery skills. 



Product Description

MC. More Complex pottery skills including pottery room management.

What can go wrong. What goes wrong. Don’t make it thin. Drying environment.

Why it didn’t work and how to make it work. Wet to wet caterpillar. Dried clay caterpillar. Caterpillar made correctly. Caterpillar. Add a base. Compare the results.

Good practice techniques. Apply slip in situ. Basic crosshatching. Apply pressure. Make it chunky. Snowman. Make a chunky mushroom. Add a base. Add a support. Tools and work surfaces. (Text and pics.)

Make a round pig.

This practice project is designed to recap and practice the skills outlined in this module.

Create the model shown above by following step by step, easy to understand video instructions supported by still photos at each stage.


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